Keyboard Shortcuts

Here's a list of the keyboard shortcuts you can use in CCR.

Function Windows Mac
Select All Ctrl A CMD A
Group Ctrl G CMD G
Ungroup Ctrl U CMD U
Copy to clipboard Ctrl C CMD C
Paste from clipboard Ctrl V CMD V
Cut to clipboard Ctrl X CMD X
Print/Cut/Go CMD P
Quit/Exit CCR Ctrl E CMD Q
Open & Close Menus and keypad drawer Tab Tab
Undo Ctrl Z CMD Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift Z CMD +Shift Z or CMD Y
New project Ctrl N CMD N
Open project Ctrl O CMD O
Save Ctrl S CMD S
Save As Ctrl + Shift S
Quick Type/Add Text Box Ctrl T CMD T
Send Front open [
Send Back close ]
Send Forward ] or Ctrl up arrow CMD Up arrow
Send Backward [ or Ctrl down arrow CMD Down arrow
Exit Hide Contours and Edit Group modes Esc Esc
Nudge objects Right/Left/Up/Down arrows Right/Left/Up/Down arrows
Big Nudge objects Shift Right/Left/Up/Down arrows SHFT Right/Left/Up/Down arrows
Delete selected objects Del Del
Zoom in Z + click on mat Z + click on mat
Zoom out Z + Alt + click on mat Z + Alt + click on mat
Scale non proportionally by height or width Alt + Click on height or width handle CMD mouse down
Pan screen (mouse cursor changes to a hand) Space bar and drag screen up or down Space bar and drag screen up or down