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Purchasing digital carts from outside the US and Canada

Currently only US and Canada are listed as country options at the billing screen.

Here's some info on how international members can purchase the digital carts from Cricut.com.

After you have added your digital cartridge to your shopping basket:
  • At the first screen insert a valid US zip code
  • Press Continue to checkout

  • At the next screen complete the details as follows (click on the picture to enlarge it)
  • Click Continue

  • Click the Submit Order button
 All going well you'll then see this screen:

And that's it. Your purchase should go through and you'll receive an email confirmation.

Please note - depending on how your credit card is set up this may not work.

If it doesn't work you might consider purchasing a pre-paid Mastercard. Then in the "Name on card" field type in exactly what it says on the card eg: PREPAID MASTERCARD

Do not use Canada as the country. While your purchase will initially go through you will then receive another email stating that your money has been refunded and shortly after the cartridge will be removed from your CCR cartridge list.



Thank you! We live in Australia and it is really hard to buy cartridges for the Cricut systems. At least now we can buy the digital ones without a fuss. :D

Le Le G

I purchased several items digitally and they were accessible through CCR for about 10 days before they rejected the Australian credit card and refunded the money to my card. The only card that has worked for me is a prepaid visa card my family that live in New York sent to me here in Australia. So be careful if you are using an Australian issued card.


Thanks Le Le,

I haven't had that happen to me yet except for the time I selected Canada as the country.

In saying that, I usually use a pre-paid Mastercard for my cricut.com purchases. :)

Libby Iriks

Do you know if this is still possible? I'm in Australia and just tried to make a digital purchase using your instructions above. My credit card has been charged but the cartridge is not showing up in Cricut Craft Room.


Just saw the Libby. Did your digital cartridge ever show up?



Im so disappointed this doesn't work anymore :( I managed to get the Frozen cartridge last year but now I cant get any of the others. If there is any other workaround to this I would very much like to know :)

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