Sunday, December 11, 2011

Using the Cricut Pens with CCR and the E2

If you've been wondering if you can use the Cricut pens when you're using Cricut Craft Room, the answer is yes. The E2 is the easiest to use for this exercise as it doesn't automatically unload the mat when it has finished cutting. This allows you to remove the pen and replace it with the blade.

The Expression on the other hand (and most likely the Cricut Personal and the Cricut Create) do unload the mat after it has finished cutting when using CCR. This means that it's difficult to reload the mat in exactly the same position the second time, which can result in your cutting line not exactly lining up with the drawn line. But it can be done. You need to take care when you load the mat. Load it snugly to the right hand side for both the drawing and the cutting and you should get your two layers to line up.

I haven't been able to use the Cricut Pens on the Imagine while using CCR. For some reason it just unloads the mat instead of drawing the design. The Cricut Pens do work with the Imagine however if you're not using CCR. Go figure!

I don't have a Cricut Mini so have no idea whether it works with the pens but I suspect it would.

Here's the instructions for using the pens using the E2.

I'm using the Window image from the Christmas (Solutions) cartridge.
  • Place your image on the mat and poisition it to where you want it.

    • Remove the blade housing from the E2 and replace it with your pen.

    • Make sure your E2 is connected to your computer and powered on.
    • Press the Cut button

    • Select your Expression 2 then press the Select Device button

    If your cartridge isn't linked to your account you will be prompted to insert the cartridge if you don't already have it in the machine. 

    • You can change the blade depth and speed here. The recommended settings for the pens are a speed of 3 and a pressure of 2 however you should experiment with what works best for you.

    • Press the Cut button to send the project to the Cricut.

    • Load your mat into the E2 using the Load mat button on the E2's Home screen.
    • Press the Continue button on the CCR screen.

    You'll see this box and the project will shortly start to "cut" with the Cricut pen.

    When the E2 has finished drawing your image it should stop and not return to its home position.

    CCR will return to the mat screen.
    • Very carefully (making sure you don't move the blade carriage) remove the pen from the housing and replace it with your blade.

    • Again, press the Cut button, select the E2 and press Select Device
    • Adjust your blade depth settings to suit your cardstock
    • Press Cut
    • Press Continue
    The blade housing will return to the top right of the mat then proceed to cut the design on top of the drawn layer.
    • Press the Eject Mat button on the E2 and your should see something like this:

    And here it is removed from the mat.

    Not too shabby!


    Chris - Creations in Bloom

    That's pretty cool.


    Thanks so much for this! I had just emailed a couple of bloggers asking for a tutorial on this exact subject before I found this!!! I'm so excited to start using my pens now:)


    Trust nobody
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    What am I doing wrong :( I did the step by step but when I went to re-cut the cut was about 1/2inch off from the first one.

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