Friday, April 20, 2012

TBBM2 - and then it was gone....

Sad face here.... TBBM2 has been removed from CCR. One of the message board members (thanks The Soap Lady) mentioned that the Score lines didn't show up. So maybe this is why it was removed.

Maybe it was just added while they tested it.... who knows? I've seen new carts appear on CCR for a short time then disappear. (Dora the Explorer ring a bell???)

Anyway... such is life. Hopefully it'll be back up there lickety split. My Expression2 keeps asking me when she can play with that cart!!! She had her hopes up for a day... I've had to keep feeding her Easter Eggs (via me) to cheer her up!

Just to cheer you up here's my favourite picture at the moment. I found it on the internet the other day (and already I can't remember where.... because I'd like to say thanks!!). Hope it makes you laugh out loud like it did me!!


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