Thursday, July 19, 2012

Forcing the Expression into a firmware update

CCR requires a firmware version of 2.43 on the Cricut Expression to cut and link cartridges. If CCR doesn't prompt you to update the firmware (you may have pressed Skip at some point) here's how you go about forcing the update.

Please note: This only applies to the Cricut Expression and the Expression Cake. The firmware on the Cricut Personal cannot be updated to the level required to link cartridges. Update: The Personal and the Create can now be updated via CCR!! 

If you are updating a Cricut other than the Expression (not including the E2, Imagine or Mini) make sure you select the correct model at step 7!

1. Connect your Expression to your computer.

2. Open CCR and login.

3. Hold down the Stop button on the Expression and press the Power button.

4. Release the power button but keep holding down the Stop button. The Expression will beep once. Keep holding down the Stop button until it beeps a second time. (It takes a while)

5. When it has beeped the second time release the Stop button. The Expression will power on.

6. If it has worked correctly you will see this on your CCR screen:

7. Click on the down arrow and select the Expression.  Then you'll see this screen: 

8. Press the Update button and follow the instructions there (you'll be putting it back in update mode).

9. Follow the onscreen instructions to update your firmware.



Do we have to do the update if we are not going to link up our cartridges?
dmcardmaker (at aol dot com)


Forgive me, but does this apply to the Expression 2 Anniversary Edition also? I have been trying to update the firmware and it never gets updated. It just sits on the connected screen forever (all night long) and then times out. So when you say Expression--do you mean all of them?? Nancy


@dmcardmaker - If you don't want to link your carts your Expression firmware can be 2.34 - not 2.43. 2.34 will allow you to cut but not link.

@Nancy - this only applies to the Expression, not the E2.

Are you doing your E2 update using the latest version of Cricut Sync (v2.1.12)?


thanks to you, i updated my firmware on my expression, and create. the mini was hooked up when i upgraded the new CCR. one question. how do i update my firmware on the expression 2?

thanks for your help, and i will most definately send my friends your way.


You use Cricut Sync to to update the firmware on your E2.


I haven't been on my cricut expression for a month or so (when I last used it, it was fine). I opened my CCR and it advised me to update the firmware. I tried to do this which took over 5 hours = for some reason. Eventually it completed the update, but now the machine keeps jumping, bleeping and then stopping cutting what I have asked it to and then unloading the mat. This happens in the CCR as well as using the cartriges alone.
I telephoned the support number in America and they took me through the process of resetting my machine. Unfortunately this has not helped and they have advised that there is nothing more that can be done and that I would have to buy a new machine. I am quite upset that this has happened - was it due to the update? Any help would be appreciated. Do I dump the machine or can they be fixed/ refurbished? - does anyone else have any ideas or is this really the end of my machined ( it is about 5 years old).


Sarah, I would suggest doing the firmware update again. It shouldn't take anywhere near 5 hours to do it. Make sure your exit out of your anti-virus/firewall program before updating and also make sure your computer isn't going into sleep mode. (Control Panel, Power Settings...)


Thanks Narelle - I tried this again, it did update in no time however my machine is still switching itself off and on and not doing the cuts as I have asked or doing a cut, stopping and then unloading the paper. Do you think that it is the machine that is faulty? have you heard of any other machines doing this?
Thanks Sarah


I've not heard of a firmware update causing that problem with the Expression. That's not to say that it hasn't happened though.

At 5 years of age I'm wondering whether the power supply might be on its way out. Do you have a laptop that uses a similar type of power supply? My Asus laptop and my sons Toshiba laptop both have a power supply that works with my Expression. It's certainly worth a try.


OMG - you were bang on with it - it was my power supply, I swapped it with my computer and it is working fine now - thank you ever so much with all your help. I am so glad I fell upon this blog.

Elena Chun

Hi there... Do you recommend updating with a Mac or PC?

Beary Amazing

Hi! I have the Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition. I am going to admit that I gave up trying to use it, when I first bought it, after a few weeks. I could not get it to work for me. It worked for my BFF; when she came over to use it, for some project. Anyway, it just decorated my Craft Room, for over a year. I was given the Cricut Mini, as an early Christmas Gift, from my girls. So ,I decided to give my CE2 another go; however, the Cricut Sync keeps going on,and on, saying that it is connecting to my Cricut. The Cricut showed a connection, right away. The Cricut Mini, also, would not work. The link that I was supposed to run,, kept coming up as an error, stating that it was not configured, correctly. I waited for Monday, and got in touch with support. First, he could not figure out, anything; after having me do certain things. Then, I allowed him to do remote. He, instantly, saw that my CCR was 'beta.' I forgot that I was one of the 'beta' participants. So, he deleted the beta CCR; and installed the updated one. However, it did not take care of the Cricut Sync problem. It did the same thing. And, yes, before I, even, contacted support, I tried using different ports. When he found out, I had disabled my anti-virus (I was worrying because it was off for so long); he had me turn it back on, and helped me (because I had tried earlier, but, didn't know which files to put) tell my anti-virus, which files to allow. My Cricut lync still didn't work. He, finally, told me to allow it to go for awhile (obviously, got tired of trying); and then to contact him, today (Tuesday), again ... if it didn't work. It doesn't. All day I worked on it, did a lot of surfing, and reading ... then learned about the Firmware. My Cricut's firmware is 1.01 (Hey, I haven't did anything with it, for over a year); so, I want to update it, to see if I will, then, be able to do the Cricut Sync, next time I need to update. Can you tell me how to update my CE2, another way? Because the Cricut Sync will not work, on my computer; and with my CE2. I figure it is because the Expressions Firmware is too old. Please, be able to tell me that there is another way,to update it. Thank you.

P.S. Yes, after I finished with support; I tried the Cricut Mini, again; and because of the right CCR being installed,it worked, beautifully! I love my mini cricut!

Lisa Pieper

Hi, i'm very frustrated, I'm trying to have the CCR print to my CE2 and I can't seem to find my printer, does anyone have any insight on how to make it work?


Hi I'm trying to update my new E2 using Cricut Sync but it always loops to the detection of the device. When I connect my E2 using the usb cable to my computer, I keep hearing this beeping sound. I've looked into this already and tried some of the suggestions I found on the forums ie: restarting laptop/computer. I'm at a lost on how complicated installing this thing and why it did not include any sort of CD/DVD for all the drivers and manual. I just need some help, if you have an idea It'd be great.

Carmen Thornton

About how long is it between the first and second beep? I held the STOP button for 10 minutes before i finally gave up. Should it take this long?

Frank Postulka

I get step 7 screen when my expression says v2.43, Why? I update successfully but still get the screen, Why?


Thank you so much for your tips and help...they got me going again!

Melissa McLawhorn

THANK YOU FOR YOUR POST... It fixed my cricut! It has not worked for over a year. :O) THANK YOU! XOXO


I am very new to the Cricut CRV001. I bought it used but it worked great, until I tried to use the CCR and update the firmware. The firmware never would go through the last phase and now my machine lights are locked into update mode. Is there anyway I can reset my machine. Thanks for any help!


Hi Vicki, Sorry that I've only just seen this. I would suggest you download the trial version of Cricut Design Studio from and try updating the firmware from that. (Just download and install the Program Update from that link.)

Once you have DS installed open it, say Yes to continue in trial mode then go to the Help menu and select Update Cricut Firmware.

Remember to start the update with the Cricut turned off. It will tell you when to put it in update mode. It may have you do the update twice.

If that works the firmware will be updated to 1.34.

You should then be able to use CCR to update it to 1.45.

Design Studio is not Mac compatible so hopefully you have a PC.

If none of that works I'd suggest you give PC a call so they can walk you through some more troubleshooting options.


Meg Cheesman

Hi, I just tried to sync my expressions 2 with my pc and now my Cricut is frozen on the first screen. What should I do? Any help will be appreciated greatly! Thanks!

Jan in Tucson

HELP! I canNOT update the firmware on my MAC OS X Yosemite 10.10.2. I get the message "no usable devices are available". then when I click on Expression I get the message to update the firmware. I have gone through the process 4 times only to find "FAILURE" displayed when it's finished. What in the world am I doing wrong? When I go to Support, there is only info about the Explore. HELP! PLEASE!

Jennifer Roe

Hello Jan in Tucson. I have the exact same problem as you. Did you find a fix?


Anyone know how to uninstall a firmware update? I have a CRV001 I never used and I updated the firmware in CCR, which wasn't easy to find. I was all excited to try SCAL2 and just my luck, once I was ready to cut a box says it won't work in V.1.45. How can I roll it back? Thanks so much for any help.


How long does it take for the second beep?


How long does it take for the second beep?


How long does it take for the second beep?

Anna F

The second beep comes after a few seconds

Anna F

Every time I turn on Cricut Craft Room to make a quick cut, it tells me I have to do a Firmware upgrade. It puts me off using the Cricut at all! How do I stop this?

Erica Cobb

You're the only place I could find information about my Cricut Expression and you did a great job explaining how to update my machine! Thank you very very much!!

Jacque Rice

*sigh*....I also have a Mac running Yosemite. Had not used the expression in a couple of months. Plugged in and used it ONE time perfectly, then got the update message. I go through ALL of the steps and then get to last one and get the FAILURE message just like Jan in Tucson. Has anyone figured it out?

Courtney Allen

I have the same issue! I wish I could figure out how to fix it!


Do anyone get an answer in this site?? I have the same problem with my expression 2 and I see no answers to previously asked same problem with firmware updates.


I have a very old Cricut Expression. I downloaded the Craft room program and went about doing the firmware update. After approximately 10 attempts, every single update resulted in a "failure" message. Customer Service provided me with reset instructions which I also found online, but nothing works. My machine is stuck in firmware update mode and now useless until I find a solution. I'm hoping for a response. PLEASE!


My Expression 2 says its not compatible with Windows 10. Is there anything I can do

maxine goldsmith

Thank you so much for this it was driving me crazy and my gypsy wouldn't work as I had updated it but not my cricut so boo hoo xo

Mary Coker

just spoke to support they said to right click on the craft room icon- go to properties, then click on windows 7 compatibility mode and apply. should work... however i just tried and for some reason the E2 screen shows being connected- but then I get a notification that says lost expression connection?! I updated firmware today... on hold with support again now.

Amanda Newsome

My expression2 constantly acts as if it is being plugged and unplugged to my computer (it will at some point tell me that the device is connected but not responding) Tech support had me do a reset for a firmware update but it just froze on step 3....Please HELP!! I have checked to make sure all ports and connections are secure co its not a loose cable


ccr is telling me that one or more of your cut images are not positioned entirely on the may they will be skipped what can I do it will not even try to cut

Tracey De Adder

My E2 keeps trying to calibrate. I have tried to update the firmware, restore and hard reset, but always get stuck at the calibration. It will let me go through the first cross hairs in the upper left corner, but will not let me go through the second cross hairs at the lower left corner. No matter what I do, it always gets to this point and stops. Any ideas would be helpful as the cricut people were not and their only answer was to buy a new one. Help!

Tracey De Adder

My E2 keeps trying to calibrate. I have tried to update the firmware, restore and hard reset, but always get stuck at the calibration. It will let me go through the first cross hairs in the upper left corner, but will not let me go through the second cross hairs at the lower left corner. No matter what I do, it always gets to this point and stops. Any ideas would be helpful as the cricut people were not and their only answer was to buy a new one. Help!


This was brilliantly helpful! I couldn't get CCR to recognize my Expression... and now it does! THANK YOU!!!


Sorry Tracey, other than what you have already done (reset etc) I can't think of anything. :( I'm guessing you already did the troubleshooting steps using Cricut Sync?


To "unknown" - that error is caused by the latest version of Adobe Air. You will need to roll back to an older version. Info is here:

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