Monday, July 25, 2011

Bookmarks - What are they?

Cricut CraftRoom Bookmarks are a convenient way for you to keep track of which Cricut cartridges you own.

  • To bookmark your carts click the Options menu, then the CraftRoom tab.

  •  Click the Edit Bookmarks button

  • Click the green Add button next to the cart you want to Bookmark. 
  • If you bookmark the wrong cart just click the brown Remove button.

  • Use the scroll bar to move through the list.
  • You can use the drop down Filter box to list particular carts eg. just the Imagine carts. 
  • When you have finished adding your bookmarks press the Continue button to return to the main CCR screen.
Now when you are select a cart you can click on the drop down Filter box and select Bookmarks. Only the carts you have bookmarked will appear in the list.

Note: Bookmarking your cartridges is different to linking your cartridges. When you bookmark a cartridge you will still have to insert the cartridge into the Cricut to cut your design... unless you have also linked it to your CCR account.

The Linking function hasn't been added to CCR yet, but when it is added you will be able to link your carts to your CraftRoom account so that you don't have to insert the cart into the machine. You can only link your carts to one CraftRoom account.



Thank you sooo much for starting this blog ! I just found you from the cricut mb and am so glad :) I have only been using crafteroom for a few days and have n=been pretty happy with it.
I am looking forward to seeing more tricks and tips :)


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