Friday, July 22, 2011

Separating Imagine image layers

Today at the Cricut Craft Room forum ReenyBug was attempting to separate the layers on an Imagine image so she could cut each part separately. After she had separated the layers some weren't cutting and some of the images were printed with a shadow when there shouldn't have been one.

I recreated what she was doing and had the same thing happen to me. Here's what it looked like on the CCR screen:

Here's what it looked like after it cut. Only the piece at the top cut. You can see where I've removed that piece and moved it to the bottom of the mat. You can also see the black shadow.

With some help from another board member CricutCMV (Char) we managed to work it out. Chalk another one up to team work!

Here it is again. This time all the layers were cut and everything printed correctly.

Here's how you do it:

  • Select an image from the Imagine cart of your choice and place it on the mat. Resize it if necessary.
  • Click the Edit Group button in the bottom left corner of the image.

  • Click the Separate button (top right of mat screen)

  • Click the Exit button (top left of screen). All the layers will now be separated:

  • Select all of the layers by dragging a selection box around them

  • Click the Ungroup button from the toolbar

The Edit Group button will disappear.

  • Now you can select each different layer and move it around on the mat if you need to

And now you're ready to print and cut!


Nana Donna

Thanks for the great information, I am finding your new blog very helpful. You explained how to separate the images but not how to get rid of the black shadow. I have a problem sometimes when putting things on my mat that they end up with a line/border around them when they cut. It does not show up on my screen mat??? Any ideas?

Cricut Craft Room Blog

Hi Donna,

The black shadow was a result of the grouping. Once you click ungroup the black shadow doesn't occur. When you have the problem do you have some objects grouped?

Craft Me This

You girls have done your homework. I am really anxious to be able to use the Craft Room. Do you know when it will be ready for everyone to use. Seems like forever we have been waiting.


I have not had good results with CCR, but am learning so much from your suggestions, which makes me think there is hope for me. I am a huge fan of Cricut Design Studio, having used it with success for several years. I hope that I will feel this way about CCR soon. Keep up the good work.
Thanks, Karen

Cricut Craft Room Blog

The latest info from PC is that they are hoping to have it out in September ready for the release of the Cricut Mini in November. Fingers crossed they meet their target! :)

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