Sunday, July 10, 2011

Subscribe and Follow gadgets

The Followers gadget seems to have fixed itself. (I think it's a Blogger thing).

If you are trying to subscribe and it's not working - please let me know! :)




Can't subscribe. Nothing happens when I press the button.
Congratulation on the new blog. I can't wait until it is Up and running with new ideas!
SC gma

Cricut Craft Room Blog

Are you clicking on the Post or Comments boxes under the Subscribe Here label? (The label isn't supposed to do anything. Now that I look at them, they do look like something you might click... Might have to change them....)


Will you have the option to follow by email in the future? I hope so and look forward to following your blog! PINK SURVIVOR 03 (ptarleton at nc dor rr dot com.

Cricut Craft Room Blog

I'll do that today! Thanks for the reminder! :)



I too would like to follow by email.

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