Monday, November 21, 2011

CCR is out of Beta

In case you've been vacationing on a desert island recently and haven't heard the news, Cricut Craft Room is now open!

If you haven't updated for a while the current build is 109. (That was just released today!)  If you don't have that and want to update you can download it from

Alternatively, when you open CCR you will be prompted to download the latest build. If you don't want to update just click the Ignore button.

Don't forget there are two versions of CCR. The Desktop version allows you to design, save and cut your files. The Web version allows you to design and save your files. You need to be online to use both versions so don't let the name "Desktop version" fool you!

It's probably a good idea to uninstall your current version of CCR before you download and install the new one. When you open CCR you may be prompted to download/update Adobe Air. CCR needs Adobe Air to work so go ahead and update that.

If you haven't tried out CCR yet........ well...... get cracking!! If you're nervous about downloading it to your computer then give the Web version a try.

So, what else do you need to do to use CCR? Well, that depends on which Cricut you're using.

For the Imagine and the E2 you will need to download Cricut Sync if you don't have it and update your Cricut to the latest programming. Once you have installed CricutSync connect your Imagine or E2 to your computer, open Cricut sync by clicking on the Cricut Sync icon on your desktop and follow the instructions.

For more info on updating your machine follow the instructions at the CricutSync page. Just click on the relevant machine from the left of the page for instructions for your Cricut.

Once you have updated your E2 or Imagine, open up CCR. (You'll need the Desktop version for this bit).

Make sure your Cricut is still connected and powered on.

Once you've logged in and CCR is open at the main screen select the Help menu, then Install Drivers.

Select your machine from the list. The drivers on your machine should be updated.

For the original Expression and Cake machines make sure your firmware is up to date. The easiest way to do that is to use Cricut Design Studio. If you don't have DS you can download the trial version from

Once you have that installed select the Help Menu, then Update Cricut Firmware. Follow the instructions carefully, making sure you select the Expression as the model you are updating. If you are prompted to do two passes of the the firmware update, make sure you power the Cricut off before you start the second pass.

Once the Expressions firmware is up to date you can then update the drivers using the Help, Install Drivers function in CCR.  (I'm not totally sure if you need to do this.)

If by chance your Expression doesn't work once you have installed the drivers through CCR, go back to DS and update the firmware again and your Cricut will be working again.

For the Cricut Personal, the Cricut Create and the Cricut Cake mini, it appears all you need to do is make sure their firmware is up to date. Follow the instructions above for the Expression, making sure you select your model of Cricut. If you are updating the Cricut Cake mini, make sure you select the Create as the machine.


Angie ~ Closet Cricuteer

I am not understanding how to add the drivers for the Imagine and the E2. I have the web version open and do not see the Help menu you are talking about


Hi Angie,

You need to be in the desktop version to update the drivers. The Web version can't cut therefore there's no access to the Drivers.

If you haven't installed the Desktop version, you'll need to do that. Once you open that the Help menu will appear.

TY for this post:)


Is there a way to hide the "tick marks" on, say, a box from TBBM - the ones that indicate where to make a fold? I do not like them & used to be able to hide them in DS. Thanks for any help you can offer! - Kate


Circut Cake Mini update from CCR to 1.62 stops it from working in standalone mode.


Kate - at the moment you can't hide the tick marks in CCR. In Design Studio (and probably the Gypsy) we can use the Hide Contour feature to hide them, but that's not working in CCR. PC are aware of it though and it's something they are working on I think. :)

Mike - I had the same problem with my Cricut Personal. I thought though that one of the recent CCR updates had made it so we could use the older firmware to cut. I'll search back through the m/b posts and see what I can find out.


Thank you so much for this post. I was so proud of myself for installing the craft room and finally getting inside, only to be told that I didn't have a device connected when I went to make my first cut. I'd still be screaming if I hadn't read this post. Installing Cricut Sync solved all of my problems. You guys are the best!

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