Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CCR not recognising your Cricut

If the drivers for your Cricut haven't been installed correctly CCR won't recognise that you have your Cricut attached. Here's how to go about checking if the correct drivers are installed.

If you are using Windows XP please refer to post number 14 on this thread by Mallory from PC in the CCR forum at the cricut message board. Vista users - the procedures should be the same as for Windows XP.

These are the instructions for Windows 7.

  • Disconnect your Cricut from your computer
  • Click on the Start icon (bottom left of your screen)
  • Click Devices and Printers

(If Devices and Printers isn't showing as an option select Control Panel, then click the Devices and Printers icon)

The next box will show you all the devices you have attached to your computer. At this stage there is no Cricut showing.

  • Plug your Cricut into the USB port on your computer and power the Cricut on if it is currently powered off

You should see a new device appear under the heading of Unspecified.

If you are connecting a Cricut Personal, Create or Expression the device will always show up as USB < - > Serial.

If you are connecting a Cricut Imagine, E2 or Cricut Mini they should have their correct name.

Here's what the Device list looks like with three Cricuts attached. Notice the Imagine and E2 are correctly labelled.

  • Right click on the device that you are having trouble with and select Troubleshoot

The troubleshooter will open and start gathering information about your device.

  • If it finds any problems follow the instructions. This will most like entail installing the Cricut drivers.
  • When the Troubleshooter has finished try cutting with your Cricut again.

My Cricut didn't have any errors so this is the box that appears.



Thank you so much for all of your posts. All I can say for all the frustrated people out there (I was definitely one of them) is keep trying. It is so worth it when it finally works!


I realize that this post was made sometime ago, but I, for one, am beyond delighted to've found this blog. I've been having all sorts of unhappiness trying to get my Cricut to interface correctly with my computer. Sure hope this fix works!


Το όνομα μου Αναστασία

I am trying and i'm trying but i can't do anything! I want to use ccr but it's impossible. my pc cannot detect my cricut expression 2. i put the usb cord in every port on my pc but nothing. i've tried to download cricut sync but i have the following message "no device attached". I'm so disappointed.
What am i doing wrong?

Cricut Craft Room Blog

Could you try running Cricut Sync with your E2 powered off. When you get the message that the Cricut device is not attached select Help, Expression 2 Troubleshooting. Select Yes, No, No, No. If you want to try the Format & Restore select Yes.

If you're not comfortable doing that I'd suggest you give customer service a call so they can help troubleshoot the problem for you.


When I try to use the craft rm a message comes up that says I can only have 2 computers connected.....well, I am on one of them. So what do I need to do to make the craft rm work. I have searched on the cricut pg but can't find a thing. If anyone knows the answer please email me at amiller5@shentel.net thank you!

Lisa Marie Golden

Download Cricut craft room and u will be fine with the expression

canadian1956 canadian1956

I'm so pissed at myself for buying the Cricut expression , I can't upload a file to print in the cricut craft room because it won't allow me and it will only print in the cricut craft room if i use their cartridges so i was told to download the cricut design space and then i cut my own design , it will do everything it said's it can do except it won't recognize my cricut expression now .\it tells me my 3.0 usb port is to old i need 2.0 , so i went to Best Buy today and talked with the geeks their and they said check my usb port on the side of my computer , if the usb slot is blue then it is 3.0 if its no color its 2.0 and it's no color so i got 2.0 . then i went to log on tonight and it said i'm on two computers , please can someone help me before i tosses this out on the highway and hopefully a tractor trailer will run over it and put me out of all this stress ...if anyone can help can you email me at canadian1956@gmail.com it would be a wonderful Christmas gift if i could get this to work


My issue is that every time I connect my expression 2 to my computer it acts like if I am unplugging it and plugging it back in every 5 seconds. I tried the troubleshoot and it said it had no issues. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I'm having the same issue...wish I had an answer for you. If I figure it out I'll let you know.


I'm having the same issue...wish I had an answer for you. If I figure it out I'll let you know.

Rebekkah Stover

Same issue too! :o( I rebooted my E2 installed all the drivers and NOTHING!!!

Trezlyn Stanley

I tried doing this and my computer still won't connect to my cricut expressions! HELP!!!

Trezlyn Stanley

I tried doing this and my computer still won't connect to my cricut expressions! HELP!!!

Michele Morgan

Does anyone know if you upgraded to Windows 10, if Cricut Craft Room will still work? I can enter my email address/password and it gets hung-up and won't load/open. The only problem I can think of is it is not compatible with Windows 10. Anyone have this problem?

Ginger Varin

Yes @michele. Same problem here! Anyone find a workaround?


Thank you as this is all still helping. Now I just have to find why when I hit cut, the usb symbol shows on my E2 screen but nothing happens.


Oh my gosh, I am very hopeful to find this blog.

I have an expression 2 that I have never been able to use. The screen is so whacked out. If I want to tap on an icon with the stylus, ie the LOAD button, I have to search 1/4" away from the button to find the spot that works. I have no idea where the sweet spots for the other icons are, that's as far as I can get. I've contacted CRICUT HELP many times over the years, and in the last few days they have told me to delete everything Cricut off my pc and download everything new. Nothing will download! Urgh. I spend $ on this thing and I have never ever used it. Very frustrating. BTW, when I connect the e2 to my PC the label comes up as (TM) (COM06). ANYONE WITH ANY IDEAS?


My computer is bugging me to upgrade to Windows 10. I can find instructions for cricut design space with the upgrade but nothing for the craftroom. I want to make sure they will both work before upgrading.

Betsy Moreland

Expression 2 will not connect to my MacBook somI bought a PC. Still same issues. E2 will not connect, help,says I need to update firmware. Can't update because of connect issue. No real help at all. Anyone have any ideas?

Angela Coates

I've just updated my XP pc to a laptop running windows 10. I have a copy of design studio. I did eventually manage to get it install and registered again. I went through the whole update firmware and manged to create a design but it wouldn't cut and then repeatedly told me to update the firmware. I did this process about 10 times before I gave up. Can anyone suggest what I've missed/ done wrong or am I just suffering from non compatible software. By the way my cricut is one of the original Cricut machines so not an up to date one.


Please can anyone help me I brought a cricut imagine and it won't connect to my laptop and won't work stand alone when I push next it don't do anything and when I push setting and try and do it that way still nothing :(

Nikki McIntosh

When I get to the trouble shoot part it says "USB serial doesn't have a driver" what do I do?

Nikki McIntosh

When I get to the trouble shoot part it says "USB serial doesn't have a driver" what do I do?

Cape Hatteras

I had this issue a few months ago. Contacted online support and they walked me through. worked fine............now it won't work again. I have messed around for hours today and no luck. So aggravating!!!! Will be contacting Customer support again tomorrow. That is the best suggestion I have. Feeling your pain, fellow crafters!!!!

Cyndi Opfar

@Cape, Can you share what was done to resolve?

Alta Dixon

We did and it is not working. I am not sure what to do.

Lorraine Aikens

I was on the chat with a Cricut tech person for over an hour! His suggestion is to uninstall Adobe Air and reinstall an older setting: in your programs. I did this 3 times, uninstalled and installed CraftRoom and nothing works. It is as if the Cricut is not communicating with Windows 10. I am using it on my old Vista pro desktop and it works, but I really would love to use my laptop as I can move it around, make my objects and plug it into the Cricut to cut. Well, I believe Provocraft KNOWS about the incompatibility of the Cricut with Windows 10. Why not just tell people? I am saving to get a Sillouette and hope it works with Windows 10!

Jami Hutchinson

Ok well having the same problem, it doesnt detect my cricut expression 2 from the design room for me to cut an image.. so I am trying the restore.. how long will this take?? an what do I need to do after?


i have a cricut v1.50 and i cant get it to connect with my computer it is so frustrating cause i want to connect it to ccr


I just want to thank you for this post. I spent 1 hour on chat with a rep from Cricut, trying to get my cricut setup to no avail. By the grace of God I stumble upon this post, within 5 mins after following the instructions given. I'm up and running. Can't wait to play with this new machine.

Murielle Plourde

I can't find the drivers for my cricut. It's not in the device manager list. What should i do? I have Window's 10


Okay,I bought the older cricket personal cutting machine to try out with my girls. I have Windows 10 on my computer and I can pull it up under USB but my computer isn't recognizing it by name nor will it open it or connect to it.. help! I'm about to throw it in the trash..

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