Monday, November 28, 2011

Debug errors

The other day I went to open CCR and got this error:

Here's a close up:

I've seen many reports of this error on the Cricut message board but had never had the error myself. Until now.....

I tried opening CCR a few times but kept getting the error. I uninstalled CCR, re-downloaded it and installed it again.

Same problem.....

I thought maybe it had something to do with Adobe Air, but just before I was about to uninstall that I noticed that my Gypsy was plugged into my laptop. Picked it up and noticed that it was powered on.

I disconnected the Gypsy from my laptop and tried to open CCR again. This time it opened with no problems. I tested it a few more times to be sure and each time I opened CCR with the Gypsy attached and powered on I got the Debug error. If the Gypsy was attached but switched off I didn't get the error.

So it appears that both CCR and the Gypsy can't use CCRBridge.exe at the same time. I can't remember whether the Gypsy has always used CCRBridge.exe or whether it previously used a different Bridge to access the computer, but it obviously uses it now.

So, lesson learned. You can have the Gypsy attached to your computer when you use CCR, you just can't have it switched on.

There is a similar error that pops up if you open Cricut Sync when you have CCR open.

First Cricut Sync won't be able to recognise that you have your Cricut attached. This is the message you'll see:

When you press the X button to exit out of Cricut Sync you may see this message:

This time it's Bridge.exe that is the problem.

So if you're trying to update your Cricut using Cricut Sync make sure you don't have CCR running.


Melody Lane Designs

I'm so glad you figured this out! I hope PC will see this to help others with this problem, I have not had this problem and now I know why, I have not used my gypsy much since I started with CCR.


so glad you two started this blog, and that I found it. Thanks so much for sharing what you discover and what you know!!


Thanks so much for the info and saving us all a lot of time. Keep the great info coming! Thanks!

Kim Van Horn

I wish I would have found this before I spent the morning uninstalling/reinstalling all morning! Thank you for figuring it out for me! You are awesome!


i keep getting a SERVICE ERROR...and a INCORRECT USER ID..

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