Tuesday, January 8, 2013

CCR and Norton internet anti-virus

If you have Norton anti-virus and are stuck in the endless Initializing Cricut Craft Room... then this tutorial is for you! (Please note - these instructions are not for Norton 360, just the plain vanilla Norton Anti virus.)

Big thanks to Sara Andrews for sending me some of the screen shots!!!! I don't have Norton on my laptop but eventually dragged out my old laptop and downloaded the trial version to make sure this worked!)

Are you ready? Then exit out of CCR and do the following:

1. Click the little up arrow in the bottom right of your screen and left Click the Norton icon

2. Select Settings

3. Select the Computer tab then highlight Antivirus and Sonar Exclusions (if it isn't already highlighted)

4. Click on "Items to Exclude from Scans" (or click Configure next to it)

5. Click the Add button

6. Uncheck "include subfolders"

7. Click on the folder icon  

8. Navigate to C:/Program Files (x86)/Cricut-Craft Room

9. Click CCRBridge then OK

10. Click OK

11. Click the Add button again.

12. Repeat steps 6 - 10, this time adding Cricut-Craft Room. (Don't forget to uncheck the "include subfolders" box again.)

13. When that's done click the Apply button

14. Click the OK button which will take you back to here:

You're half way there!!!

15.  Click on "Items to Exclude from Auto-Protect, SONAR and Download Intelligence Detection"

16. Now you're going to repeat steps 6 - 12 above to add CCRBridge and Cricut-Craft Room as exclusions here. Don't forget to uncheck "Include subfolders" for both items. When you've done that you should be back at this screen:

17. Click Apply

18. Click OK

19. Click OK

20. Click the X in the top right corner of the Norton window to close it.

21. Now take a deep breath, cross everything and try accessing CCR again.

Good luck!!!!



Thank you.
Don't have Norton either but this will be a great resource to send other to. :)
dmcardmaker (AOL)

Lisa McClintic

I want to thank you for posting this and with the screen shots! I have been trying to update my Gypsy for 2 hours now and after doing this it finally worked! You rock!

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