Friday, January 25, 2013

Linking Cartridges - Updated

Here's some instructions on linking your carts to your Cricut account.

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Keep in mind the following:

  • Once you have linked a cart to your account you can't unlink it.
  • You can only link your carts to one CCR account.
  • You don't have to link your carts to cut from CCR.
  • Carts that you have already linked to your Gypsy cannot be linked to CCR yet. That option is still to come. PC are working on a way for us to connect our Gypsy to our computer and have our carts automatically linked to both.  Gypsy linking is now available! Go here for details:
  • Your carts don't have to be registered to enable you to link them.
  • Your carts don't have to be bookmarked for you to link them.
  • If you purchase a Digital cartridge from it will automatically be linked to your account. 
    • If you're using the Imagine or the E2 (and I presume the Mini) make sure it is up to date by connecting it to your computer, powering it on and opening Cricut Sync. I had trouble linking a cart using my E2. Once I updated it through Cricut Sync I was able to link the cart. (It did still take a few "Try Again's" and removing and inserting the cart but it eventually linked. (Make sure you cancel right out of the cut so you are back at the mat screen then try linking again.) 
            The same thing happened when I was linking a cart using my Expression, but
            again by cancelling right out of the cut and trying again it linked. The firmware
            version on my Expression s 2.43 and it cuts with CCR. (PC removed the
            requirement to have the later version of the firmware on the Expression a 
            few updates ago.)

    • If you see this message when you are linking a cart, it means it has already been linked to a Gypsy and can't be linked to CCR yet, or it has been linked to another CCR account.

    Linking instructions:
    1. Insert the cartridge you wish to link into your Cricut.
    2. Highlight the cart you wish to link from the All Cartridges library then click on the Link button

    3. Click on the Cricut you are using, then click the Select Device button (or double click the device name)

    4. Once your cartridge is detected, click the Link Cartridge button.

    5. You will need to accept the End User License Agreement to proceed. If you don't wish to proceed press the Cancel button.  Your cartridge won't be linked and you'll be returned to the main CCR screen. Remember, you can still cut with your cartridge without linking it!

      If you do wish to proceed, click the I Accept, Link Cartridge button

    6.  The linking process will begin

    7. Once the linking is complete you will see this. Press the Okay button

    8.  You will be returned to the main CCR screen. To link another cartridge repeat from step 1.

    Your cart is now linked to your Cricut account and you won't have to insert it into your Cricut again to cut when using your CCR account! 

    You will still need them if you're cutting directly from your Cricut, so don't give them away or sell them! (That's what you were agreeing to in step 5 above....)

    Once you have linked your carts using CCR they will automatically be also linked to your Gypsy the next time you sync it using Cricut Sync. (This only applies once the cartridges have been added to the Gypsy cartridge library after each Hello Thursday content update.) 

    Some Digital carts (eg. the single Imagine images) won't be able to be linked to a Gypsy.



    Should I link my new cartridges right to my CCR or just keep linking to my Gypsy for now? It seems from your tutorial they would link going backwards from CCR to Gypsy but not forward from Gypsy to CCR. Am I understanding correctly?


    That's correct. If you want them linked to both you should link using CCR not the Gypsy. Once you've linked it using CCR exit out and sync your Gypsy and it will be linked to that too.

    If you link using the Gypsy you can't link it to CCR.



    If I buy a cartridge that hase been linked to someone else gypsy.Can I link it to my craft room?


    @Angelina: No, once a cart is linked to a Gypsy it can't be linked to another persons CCR account. You can still use it though by inserting it in the Cricut when prompted.

    LeAnna Brenner

    I was in the process of linking a cartridge, I had some images of lacy labels on the mat. I was also looking at some images from Plantin Schoolbook. When I was given the option to link Lacy Labels I clicked on it. I accepted the terms and it linked. What I didn't realize is I had in the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge. Now the schoolbook cartridge is showing up in CCR and my machine as Lacy Labels. Can this be fixed?


    You'll need to give PC customer support a call about that LeAnna. I'm not sure that they can fix it but they are your best bet! :)


    I have the A Quilted Christmas cartridge, but it doesn't show up in the All Cartridges menu...what do I do?

    Donna Moreland

    I just got CCR and purchased a couple of digital cartridges. Now I'm trying to link my George & Basic Shapes physical cartridge. The "Linking Cartridge" screen came up and has been spinning for an hour. There's no progress bar or percentage reported to show me how it's going. How long should it take to link a cart? Thanks


    Donna, the George cart is one that cannot be linked to CCR yourself. It was only ever able to be linked to the Gypsy. However if you give Provocraft customer service a call and give them the serial number they will link it to your account for you. :)


    @ a51e43b4-47fe-11e3-9f8f-000f20980440: Sorry, just saw this. You've probably found it by now buy A Quilted Christmas is found under A not Q.

    Laura Burgess

    So if I link a cartridge in the CCR, that cartridge can still be used by any cricut machine as long as I insert it in the machine?


    That's correct Laura. :)

    Torri P

    how long does it usually take to link a cartridge?


    @Torri: Only a minute or so....

    Donna Stewart

    Have Cricut Mini...should I buy used carts that have already been linked by original owner?


    @Donna: You can still use those cartridges by inserting them into your mini (or any other Cricut) when using CCR, but you won't be able to link them to your CCR account. And if you have a Gypsy you won't be able to use them at all with that.

    Percy wise

    Can I buy single image in the CCR? Once I bought it, is it meant I own it or it can only be used for a time limit ? Also are all the cartridges available for buying single image and are they all listed in the CCR?

    John Motley

    I am trying to link a cartridge and it says it has already been linked to a gypsy. I don't own a gypsy and bought the cartridge can this be fixed?

    Cricut Craft Room Blog

    @Percy: Only limited single images are available in CCR. You'll find them at Select Shop, Images, Single Images. Once you have purchased a digital image/cart it is yours forever.

    @John: If the cartridge was still in its plastic blister pack then it must have been an error with the linking process.

    If it wasn't in the plastic blister pack it's possible that someone purchased the cart, linked it then returned it to the store/wherever you purchased it from.

    You'll need to give Provocraft a call and see if they can help with the problem.

    Carrie Litz

    I need help!!! I have been working at getting my Cricut Expression figured out. I have made it so far, but still not there. I am very frustrated. I had a $100 gift card. So i bought images on Cricut. com, in which I found them and I have created my first thing. Now, I am ready to cut, but, when loading my paper, my display reads "insert cartridge, use gypsy or Cricut Design Studio. It will not feed my paper thru. Do I have to have a cartridge in order for this to work...... Please help. i'm thinking I must have to have one, or it would be feeding thru. No buttons work at all, it continues to read this.

    MNSkol Horns

    I am currently borrowing a friends Cartridges. I just purchased a new Cricut Explore. I linked a few of her cartridges not knowing that they could not be deleted. Is this something customer service can fix? They are closed at the moment, otherwise I would ask them.

    June Saunders


    Rick Hawkins

    I'm so confused....My question is simple, If I download all my Cricut Cartridges to my new Explore Air...Can I then give the cartridges to a friend and, or sell them???


    My laptop broke so I bought a new one. Now when I log in to cricuit craft room none of my linked cartridges are there. Any help to get them back.

    Tibor Reimann

    I received the Air for my bday. It works with the free images from both my laptop and my ipad. However, I cannot link any of my cartridges. I have only ever owned them new and they have never been linked to any other account or gypsy. In design space, on the link cartridge page the "wheel" please wait just spins and spins. I have wasted hours trying to figure this out. Maybe the sequence of plugging in the USB, then putting in the cartridge or turning on the machine. Using a different browser. Using a different USB port on my laptop. I am at a loss. Any suggestions?!

    Tibor Reimann

    ... so after much figuring and swearing. It turns out that Chrome worked for me and I re-installed the cricut design space software. Once it did that. It worked great as it shows in all the simple tutorials. It took 5 seconds flat for each cartridge! Yes! Success! And the little pop up note that Link is Successful only shows up for 3 seconds after so if you turn away and miss it you don't know until you check your library... now for using the images I have on my cartridges...




    A friend is thinking of buying a gypsy that has loaded cartridges, can she cut with those in her expression machine?

    Cricut Craft Room Blog

    Ita, yes but if she connects the Gypsy to her Cricut account and updates she'll most likely lose the linked cartridges.


    How do I use CCR with out linking my cartridges.


    Can I use my circuit expression with the digital cartridges and can I cut from pic to my expression


    Bird... you simply insert the cartridge in the cartridge slot of your Cricut when CCR tells you. You will see an option to Link but you just ignore that.

    Unknown... Yes you can use digital carts with the Expression provided you are using CCR.

    Rita van der Merwe

    Hi...can I lend my gypsy (my cartridges are not linked to my CCR, only to my gypsy) to a friend to cut a design off my gypsy on her cricut machine? And can she use her CCR to make changes to the design if the gypsy is plugged into her Cricut machine?

    Rita van der Merwe

    Hi...can I lend my gypsy (my cartridges are not linked to my CCR, only to my gypsy) to a friend to cut a design off my gypsy on her cricut machine? And can she use her CCR to make changes to the design if the gypsy is plugged into her Cricut machine?

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