Wednesday, January 2, 2013

CCR and Windows 8

There seems to be the misconception that CCR doesn't work with Windows 8.... (you'll be stuck on the Initializing screen if you have the problem...)

While it's true that PC haven't released an update for Windows 8, you can still use it on a computer that has that operating system.

And it's very simple...

First make sure you have added CCRBridge.exe and Cricut-Craft Room.exe as exceptions to your anti-virus program as many of these programs are known to block CCR. Then....
  • Right click on the CCR icon on your desktop, and select Properties

  • Click the Compatibility tab
  • Click the Check box next to "Run the program in compatibility mode for" and Select Windows 7 from the drop down box. (If Windows 7 isn't an option, select the next most recent operating system - eg. Vista
  • From the "Privilege Level" section click on the check box next to "Run the program as an administrator"

  • Press Apply then OK to close the Properties box.
Now try opening CCR again. If you still have the same problem repeat the same process, this time selecting a different operating system. Most users have success with Windows 7 but other have had to use Vista or XP.

Good luck!


Theresa Hasbrouck

You are an absolute life saver, thank you so much!!!


I tried this and it still does not work


If you've done both (changed compatibility mode and run as administrator) then it's possible your anti-virus program is blocking CCR.


You simply ROCK! Thank you for figuring this out for us!


Do you know if CCR works for a PC Tablet too? It's all touch screen and I'm not finding any of these menus on mine. I already have CCR set up on our main computer but wanted to set it up also on my tablet so I could leave my Cricut in my artroom. Thanks for any help!

dream weaver

hi i have this problem and I tried your solution but i get a message on all the other settings other than windows8 saying Adobe Flash has crashed and it still doesn't work. my adobe flash is up to date i checked it so its not that

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