Sunday, August 21, 2011

Build 59 causing Imagine layering problems

If you're having trouble getting the layering method to work it's not something you're doing wrong. The problem started when Build 59 was released last week. Currently all the layers are cutting separately again. Insert unhappy face here!

I'm still trying to figure out if there's still a way to print and cut all the layers as one and will post if and when I do!


Shawn Mosch

I just was using CCR today with my E and I was able to cut all of the layers that I had in a project at one time. Is this problem only happening to people with the Imagine, who are trying to cut and print?

Cricut Craft Room Blog

Yes, just the Imagine. Will edit my post. :)

Shawn Mosch

I just wanted to thank you will all of your troubleshooting help with CCR. When I called customer support they were having me shut down and reboot . . . they did not even ask about what FW version I had, and THAT was the real problem.

Since we chatted on the message board I have been able to do some really fun things with CCR and I am loving it as a design tool. (the search function still needs work if you ask me) :)


Hi Narelle-
I was wondering if with the updated CCR version build 103 if you were able to cut with the I all the layers as one?

I've just spent a few hours going over your blog! Count me in as a follower... Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I'm not very computer savvy, but with your help, I feel empowered to use all my bugs again... I greatly appreciate your blog!!!

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