Monday, August 29, 2011

Installing Cricut Craft Room

Cricut Craft Room has been officially launched and is now open for everyone. Here are the steps you need to go through to install the program.

(Note - Other than the first two pictures, these instructions were written before the most recent CCR update. If they're not exactly right, they should be close. I'll be going through and updating as soon as I can).

Go to 

To install the Desktop (cutting) version click on either the PC or MAC button (depending on what system you use).

(The instructions from here are for the PC installation)
  • Click the Save File button

  • Select a destination for the download file and click Open. (I created a sub-directory in my Downloads directory called Cricut Craft Room and save the file there.)

When the installation file has download you may see this box.
  • Double click on the Cricut-Craftroom.exe file to start the installation.

If you don't see the above box navigate to the location you saved the installation file to and run it from there.
  • Select Run
  • Press the Continue button
  • Click Yes

 The program will commence its installation.

  • Once CCR is installed the login screen will appear. Complete the login details and press the Log In button.

  • Once you have read the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) click the I Agree button. (If you do not agree to the EULA press Cancel to terminate the installation)

The next step is to select your Cricut machine. (You can change which machine you are using at any time.)
  • Click on your machine then press the Continue button

At the next screen you can add Bookmarks for the cartridges that you own. You don't have to bookmark your carts to cut with them nor does this link your carts to your Craft Room a/c. It is simply a way to make it quicker to select your carts from the library when you are designing.
  • Click on the carts that you own and press Continue when you are finished. (Use the scroll bar on the right to scroll to the bottom of the list). You can add or remove carts from this list at any time.

And that's it! The next screen you will see is the Start a new Project Screen. Give your new project a name and press the Start button.

Happy designing!!!!


Ann and Greg

How does one get an invitation to CCR? I have bought and registered every generation of Cricut cutting machines, and still have not been granted access. It's inconvenient now that I have E2 with no DS capabilities, so I am resigned to using both Expressions (E2 and E1) since I have oodles of saved files on DS. Bummer.
Thanks for any update, or additional info.

Rebecca M

I was given access to the craft room and went through the install procedure on the Mac. I have been able to design, but when I go to cut it tries to update my expression and fails. I tried the update procedure several times and it failed each time. Have you had any experience with this problem???


Cricut Craft Room Blog

Ann, originally it depended on when you joined Have you tried accessing the program. Many members have reported that they didn't receive the invitation email but were able to access it.

Rebecca, I don't have a Mac so don't have any info for you on that. You might like to post your question at the CCR forum. There are a couple of Mac users there who might be able to help you. Mallory (from PC) may have some info for you too.



I didn't get an invite which is why I posted my question yesterday but having posted just thought I would give it ago and hey presto it worked lol.
Kim xXx

Rebecca M

Thanks for the reply Narelle, I did visit the forum that you suggested and found that other users are having the same problem and PC is working on the fix. Thanks Again.



I've added a lot of my cartridges to CraftRoom. However, there are many that don't appear on the list when I do a search. Shouldn't all of my cartridges be available in the search list for me to add to my bookmark? Is this a common problem with CraftRoom? Thank you for the help.


Found your blog this morning and have been on it most of the day. Thank you all very much for the very informative and visual instructions. I tried it and voila it WORKED. Now I am full of questons and don't know where to go to have them answered. Like is there a special cord to connect the cricut to the computer? I am a visual learner so your blog for me is AWESOME. Thanks again.

Cricut Craft Room Blog

ASaint2b - i'm not aware of any cartridges missing from CCR. I'm away from home so i'm not able to check.

Moi - you'll need a standard A/B USB cable. If you have a printer the one that is connected ton that will most likely work. They are readily available from shops that sell printer cables/ink cartridges.


I download the CCR and I can't cut for some reason. Does anybody know why? Please help! Tina


I just installed CCR on my Windows 7 64-bit laptop (Acer Aspire). I successfully installed all drivers and Adobe Air and got no error messages. But I can't login to the desktop version. The login screen just doesn't do anything after I click the LOGIN button.I CAN login to the WEB version, but of course, I can't cut from there so that doesn't help much.

The other issue is that not all cartridges are listed in CCR. I need to use my "Enjoy the Seasons" cart. I'd just forget about CCR for this project except that I need to hide the score marks (slashes) in the design (pillow box) as they are unsightly and make the project look awful. I guess I will have to live with those ugly slash marks after all if I can't use CCR. I see from some other discussion lists that I'm not the only one having trouble logging in to the web version as well. Of course, if all of the carts aren't up there, this is not helpful ANYWAY. Grrr.

-- Susan


Hi just found this site, after a good month of trying to figure out my project that I am trying to do. I am trying to get into the cricut craft room. And having no luck, I was working in the trial mode, but it tells me that I am not able to cut there without having the cartridge, so I purchased the cartridge that I needed, and still I am not able to get in. It always saying initializing and doing nothing.
hope you can help, what I am trying to do is for my daughters wedding. I am a lost I don't know what else to do. Thanks Paulette


Hi Paulette,

Getting stuck at the Initializing screen is usually cause by your anti-virus program blocking CCR. It can also happen if you're running Windows 8.

If it's Windows 8 that's the problem here's some info on the work around for that:

If it's your anti-virus that's the culprit you will need to open it's settings box and add Cricut-Craft Room.exe, CCRBridge.exe and CricutSync.exe as exceptions/exclusions.

This is done in different ways depending on what anti-virus program you're using. If you can't work out how to do it let me know which program you're using and I should be able to give you more info.



i was able to install the CCR, however I can't do anything to access the cutting process it's confirming the cut settings and when i hit cut; i'm stuck with the checking mat status.....


I just bought the Cricut Explore Air Gold and I cannot download the craft room on my PC, I have tried and tried and nothing happens, any ideas?


"Unknown" - hopefully by now you've realised that you need to use Cricut Design Space - not Cricut Craft Room with the Explore.


please help trying to download craft room on windows 10 computer. just keeps telling me the file is bad and will not load.

Curlesa Thomas

I didnt know that the cricut craft room has shut down and i have a Cricut Expression 2. But i wanted to use the cutter from desktop anyone have an idea how i can do that.

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