Sunday, August 28, 2011

Welding - the basics

Welding and Grouping in CCR is easy peasy!

  • Place your first object on the mat.

  • Place your next object on the mat.

  • Move the second object so it's overlapping the first one at the point where you want the two to weld

As soon as your objects touch each other and you release the mouse you'll see the Weld/Don't Weld buttons appear. The point at which they are welded will be greyed out. 

The Weld button is the default so at this point there is nothing more you need to do! (I told you it was easy.....)

You can continue to add objects to the mat and weld them in the same way. You can weld together objects from any cartridge.

To get a better idea of how your finished project will look you can turn on Fill Mode.
  • Select the Options menu and place a check mark in the Fill Mode Enabled box

Your objects will be filled with that layers colour.

And that, in a nutshell is Welding! :)


Craft Me This

Do you have any idea when we will be able to get the CRAFT ROOM. They have been saying soon for ever.

Cricut Craft Room Blog

No word on the official release. But keep trying to get in because this week there have been lots of m/b members saying they can now access it. And some didn't even receive an email - they just tried to get in and could! :)


Thanks so much- I have been playing with Craft room and you have been helping me a lot.


I am finally able to use CCR and feel lucky to have found the blog. I am using a macbook pro with Lion. I have tried your tutorial on welding and although the weld tick mark is "on" on both objects, they do not appear to be welded. There is no gray outline. Is there something that I might have missed or is this a bug on the mac?
Thanks for any help you can give.

Cricut Craft Room Blog

Do you maybe have Fill Mode enabled? You won't see the outline if you have that checked. If you don't have it enabled, do you see a light grey line where the two objects overlap?


I logged onto craftroom and had my E2 connected with the cable to my laptop but it doesnt let me weld. Can you help please?


I have tried your tutorial on Welding Cutting Equipment and although the weld tick mark is on both objects, they do not appear to be welded.

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Adam Ligon

When I weld my letters together, it erases them sometimes. How do I fix this? Thanks!

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