Monday, August 29, 2011

Grouping objects

When you want to make changes to multiple objects on your mat at the same time there are two options.

1.     You can select your objects by placing a selection box around them and make your changes. While the objects can all be changed at the same time, they are still individual objects. When you click elsewhere on the mat your objects will no longer be grouped.

2.    The second way is to again select your objects by placing a selection box around them, then click the Group button. Now when you click off the object it stays grouped. Grouping just makes it easier to change multiple objects at one time. 

You may notice when you group a set of objects that the Weld/Don't Weld buttons disappear and are replaced by the Edit Group button.

When you click on the Edit Group button you can make changes to the individual parts of the group. (For example you may want to flip or rotate one of the objects. When you've finished making your changes click on the Exit button to return to the CCR mat.

To ungroup your selection just click anywhere inside the group and click the Ungroup button from the toolbar.

A buggy bit: A shout out to RockinRenee from the Cricut message board who found a bug when she was using the grouping feature on her project. Here's the deal...

If you flood fill your images with different colours using the Imagine colour palette then group them, they will most likely all take on the colour of your base image. 

The way to get around this is to place your images on the mat, group them then click on the Edit group button. You'll then be able to select each image and colour it. When you have finished press the Exit button to return to your mat.

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