Friday, June 8, 2012

Looking for a Mac user of CCR who hasn't updated yet

Update - not only did I find someone (thanks Mandy) but PC have posted a link to the old Mac version of CCR here:

If you are a Mac user of CCR and you haven't updated to Build 151 yet, could you please let me know!

I'm after the set of Build 132 Mac files so I can help out our Mac users who have updated and now can't use their Imagine.




I have a Mac and havent updated in a while. Do you still need someone?


Thanks Casey

I did get someone who has sent me two files. Now I just need someone who has updated to test them out for me. :)


Dear Creative Ones! I love your website, it is just so pretty.
I have an iMAC 27" computer that is a couple of years old, however, when I went to download CCR, this is the message I got, "This application cannot be installed because this installer has been mis-configured. Please contact the application author for assistance."
Any suggestions? I really look forward to your assistance!


Betsy, are you downloading the Mac version of CCR from


Yes, but it was the Beta version and I can't get it out of my applications for some reason. It won't install the newer version.


Unfortunately I know nothing about Mac's so I'm limited to what I can find out on Google. It seems that apart from dragging the application to the trash, sometimes you also need to do a clean up of any files left behind. I found this info that might help:


I had the same problem. This what I did to delete the Beta version.
Go to Finder, then on you left side click on Macintosh HD, then click on applications, find th Craft Room Application, highlight it, then go to file, and under file (almost at the bottom) click on move to trash.
I hope this help.


Late to the party, but just tried installing on my Mac and Ami's solution did the trick for me. I had to delete the application in finder, then I was allowed to install. Hip Hip Hooray!

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