Friday, June 8, 2012

Using an old build of CCR

For those of you who have an Imagine you will no doubt know by now that Build 151 has most likely caused your Imagine to stop cutting. Until PC fix that problem all is not lost.

It is possible to use a previous version of CCR.

When you installed the new version you most likely installed it over the previous version. All you need to do is have the previous Craft Room files on your computer to allow you to run that version.

Here's what you need to do:
  • Create a directory on your computer and call it Cricut Craft Room Build 132
  • Go to this link and download all 13 files and save them into the directory you just created
  • Once you have downloaded those files go to this directory on your computer: C:/Program Files/Cricut Craft Room. You will see 4 sub-folders there called assets, Drivers, icons and META-INF. Copy those four folders (and all their contents) to your Cricut Craft Room Build 132 directory. (Highlight all four folders and press Ctrl C. Then navigate to your Build 132 directory and press Ctrl V. You now have the full set of files required to run CCR Build 132. Next you'll create a shortcut for your desktop to open that version
  • While you're at the Cricut Craft Room Build 132 directory highlight the Cricut-Craft Room.exe file (its type will be Application and its size should be 139KB) and press Ctrl C.
  • Right click on your desktop and select Paste Shortcut. (Don't just select Paste as you'll get an error when you try to open it. You need to select Paste Shortcut.
  • Right click the new icon on your desktop and select Rename. Add Build 132 to the end of the shortcut name.
  • Now you can use that shortcut to open Build 132. Use that icon whenever you want to use the old build. 
For those times that you do want to use the new build (when you're not using your Imagine and you want to use the new features) just open CCR from the usual icon on your Desktop. I use the new version to create my files then close CCR and open it up in the old version so I can cut the file on my Imagine.

Hope that helps!


Rebecca M

Would you happen to have the Mac version of this file??? Thanks

Cricut Craft Room Blog

Sorry Rebecca I don't! I'll see if I can find someone who uses a Mac who hasn't updated yet!


Hi narelle, just to say thanks, for all your help and advice. Just got my self a secondhand imagine and am enjoying playing with ccr. Haven't updated yet , but will keep an eye on your blog . Keep up the good work ! Us lesser mortals really appreciate it. Sue.


Thanks for this!!

Karons Krafty Korner

Thanks Narelle - I don't have an imagine, but I think I will do this anyway - just to be on the safe side. You do such an awesome job TFS.


aNN w


Oh wow, this totally sounds like my problem. Can't wait to try it. Now I just Hope I can figure out how to do it. Thanks so much.

Sheri R

Oh, thank you! I was on vacation last week and fortunately I read your email BEFORE I used CCR. You saved me a lot of work and aggravation. I will keep watching for the okay to update the Imagine.


Disney Scrapper

Would love to see Mac instructions too


Thanks for this! Maybe PC needs this as they say they don't know how to fix the problem!

C Hauber

Thank you for this... I needed to get something done tonight and was about to panic when my Imagine wouldn't cut.


You have just became a life saver.Thanks for all your help....


I am beyond frustrated with this issue! Although with your help I have been able to cut a few images. It doesn't cut every time I tell it to, just sometimes.


I built the directory added the 4 files and created the shortcut. When I click on the shortcut it opens the login page, but when I try to login -I can see the little clock working but then it never opens the craft room. I just stay on the login page. Any ideas?
Thanks for your help


Got it - one of the 13 files didn't download - does make a difference!;o) So now I'm in - I'll check out trying to send it to my Imagine!


WOHOO - this is the FIRST TIME my Imagine has worked with the craftroom like it should!! Thank you, Thank you THANK YOU!!!!

Leslie Z

I'm also looking for a MAC version. I'm so frustrated with Provo Craft I could pull my hair out. I will not be making cards for my two Granddaughters recital because I spent all my time trying get my craftroom file to cut. I will never understand how they can continually release 'upgrades' they apparently never test. I would lose my job if I did this.


You can get now get the Mac version from here:

After you install it, open it and press Skip when it prompts you to update.

Leslie Z

Update! I think I am in love with you! I just saw your post with the link to Provo Craft who apparently came to their senses and provided a link to the former versions. My Imagine is cutting my file as I type this! Thank you for taking the time to help all of us! You are THE BEST!!


That's great news Leslie!


Thank you very much for putting this information up. My fiance and I have been installing and reinstalling drivers and updates, it's been very frustrating!! Now thanks to this the problem is fixed, thanks again!

Narelle...just came across your post. Thank you so much for the information. My I is cutting again!!!


When I downloaded the craft room to my MAC book Pro and connected the create, the error message CCR bridge was quit unexpectedly popped up at least 10 times and never worked correctly or completely.
I then attempted to resume using my cricut create without the craft room (that never worked), and now nothing on the create works or respond (the buttons do nothing).
Please HELP!


The only way to get your Create to work by itself again is to update the firmware using Design Studio. As DS isn't Mac compatible you will need to find someone with a PC who can install the trial version of DS and allow you to connect your Create to update the firmware from there. Trial version link here: Once installed open DS and select Help, Update Cricut Firmware.

The CCR Bridge error is a known problem with Macs and will continue until you can work out which program on your Mac is blocking CCRBridge.exe.

Gianella Doria

hi am not able to download the files you have for the old build


Hi Gianella,

That's because my monthly download limit was exceeded last week when I shared the Design Studio updates. I now have to wait till next month for my bandwidth to be reset.

You should call Cricut Customer service who will be able to give you the link to download Build 132.


OMG Thank you so much! I am doing my baby shower and it seems like everything with my cricut products that could go wrong did! My I, E and G broke this year. Got my I fixed. Borrowed a friends E. And I am now using CCR instead of my G.

You have just saved some major frustrations!


Hello Narelle,
I want to thank you, you have really helped me. I imagine cuts finally. Many, many thanks. Nice greetings from Austria


Ive updated my ccr back down to 136 as the instructions say. It doesnt cut or print. I have the latest firmware on the PC, but def runnning 136 of CCR. I deleted new version of CCR that I had installed off CC website.

Any ideas?

ps Only just got my imagine yesterday, and so had already doenloaded new version of CCR. So i never had an old version running before.


Hi Debs

Have you installed Cricut Sync and updated your Imagine yet? You'll probably need to do that before you can get it to work with CCR.

You can download Cricut Sync from here:

Once you have that installed connect your Imagine to your computer and open Cricut Sync. Follow the instructions to update it.


Ok I done everything that was said to do. Now my cricute is telling me that my print cartridges are missing and they aren't. I unplugged the cricut from my computer and then the print carts are ok. Do you have any suggestions for this? Thank you


Thanks for the tutorial, I have it downloaded and am now going to try it on my Imagine.


I am indebted to you for life. I exhausted all my skills trying to figure out why my Imagine wouldn't cut. I knew it used to so I was thinking I wore it out. I promised I would make some baby decorations and when I went to use the Imagine I couldn't get it to cut. It became a "Me" verses the machine type thing. BUt being more of a computer geek than a paper geek I figured out someone else has to have this problem and I found your blog from June. I reloaded Build 132 and everything is perfect again. Thank you so much for taking the time to help us "lost in Cricut land" back to earth again.


Oops, I forgot to add that it was only using the Cricut Craft Room that caused the Imagine not to cut. Thanks again!


Hi Narella, thank you so much for providing such wonderful info! I think I followed your directions - I have all 13 file downloaded and copied and pasteed the 4 folders but when I click on the new shortcut the screen comes up but never gets past 'Initializing' any suggestions ??? thanks again,


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