Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New additions to CCR.

If you're scratching your head looking for ideas for a Father's Day card (that would be me....) then check out the new digital "carts" in CCR.

There are 24 new additions. But instead of full cartridges or mini cartridges these are single files that you use to create a card. I love this idea!

They are $1.99 each except for five of the cards which are free to use in CCR until June 19, 2012!

Check out all the card samples at cricut.com in the Today's Deals section.

ETA: Currently only the 5 free carts are showing up in CCR. You won't find them in the CCR Exclusives library but in the My Cartridges library.

When you purchase one of the other 15 carts it will also show up in your My Cartridges library - not the CCR Exclusives library.


Sheri R

I can't find the free golfing card; I am in the CCR, Craft Room Exclusives, and Father's Day, but no golf card. Can you help?


sherii at cfl dot rr dot com


Have a look in your My Cartridges library. It's the first one of the Father's Day cards.

For some reason they haven't put any of the new F/Day cards in the CCR Exclusives library.

Karons Krafty Korner

Thanks for this - they could also be used for male birthday cards. Guess I'll be doing some cutting. TFS


Do you know if these files download to they Gypsy?

Jennifer Benton

Hi, I tried these instructions with my Expression and was able to get the images to separate. However, in the CCR, after I separated the images and tried to cut them CCR freezes every time and will not cut the imagine images. Any suggestions?


Hi Jennifer,

I'm behind on my comments so sorry for the delay!

Is the whole program freezing? Or is nothing happening when you press the Go/Cut button?

CCR freezing sounds like either a computer resources problem or a connection problem. (That could be at your end or PC's.) Some days CCR works faster than others for me so keep on trying!

The other thing I'd suggest is that you make sure your Expression is running the latest firmware (2.45) and that you have installed the drivers.

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