Saturday, June 9, 2012

More on CCR and the Imagine cutting problems

On Friday I posted instructions on how to get the previous version of CCR onto your computer. One of my readers, (Colleen) just let me know that have posted a link to the old version (Build 132 and 133 for the Mac). Here are the links:

PC Version:
Mac Version:

So if you don't want to keep 151 on your computer you can just do that update and 151 will be removed.

If you want to have both builds on your computer follow my instructions.

This is great news for those with a Mac as I wasn't sure how to get that problem fixed. (Hey, I've bought cartridges to help people with their problems. I even bought an Imagine so I could help. But I draw the line at a new computer!!! At least while mine is working fine....)  (Never say never, right!)

Thanks for letting me know Colleen!



Thanks so much for all of your hard work!
Thank you for always being there to help us out when needed.
I haven't tried CCR yet but when I do I sure know where to come for assistance.
Also thank you for all of the help you have given to me (and others)on your DS blog and on the Cricut MB.
The world is blessed with your generous heart.
dmcardmaker at aol dot com


I don't believe it -- things aren't usually this easy for me. Yesterday I updated CCR. Well, I don't like it -- just because it's an update doesn't make it better. So, I googled my problem and wham -- I got your site and my answer was in the first two paragraphs! Thanks so much. I went back to version 133 for MAC. I like it (maybe just used to it) and I'm a happy camper again. Thanks again. Toni

Smacki's Place

I know I don't say thank you enough, but you are appreciated. I have a blog but don't understand how to use it. I have as you said thousands of dollars worth of provo craft items and only learn from those like you how to get the most from my money. thank you again for all the time, money, and patience you invest in helping those of us that need an "easy" button.

Dottie =)

Thank u! I've been so frustrated..

Lesley Symmonds

Thanks for posting this fix, but I have to tell you that the old build 132 no longer cuts, at least not for me. I was happily using it after following your instructions when yesterday it just stopped cutting for me. I could print both Imagine and Expression images but when it came time to cut, the machine fed the mat back through as it is supposed to do and the blade moved to the center of the mat as it always does and then my PC made an alert tone and the machine ejected the mat out the front. The PC still had the job up on the monitor - I had to cancel it to get out. Last night I didnt cancel the job quick enough and the machine started to cut, but of course it had already ejected the mat so it was cutting into the table of the unit. I had to scramble to turn it off.
Has anyone else experienced this? I have deleted both the old and new builds and reinstalled using the link you posted above with no change. I can print and cut from the cartridges so I know its not the machine. Unfortunately I have so many images purchased directly and digitally linked that without CCR, I am missing half of my inventory of images. Anything you can do to help me figure this out would be much appreciated.


I am trying too download the cricut craft room on my computer and it is saying that it might be harmful to my computer. Is that true? I don't want anything that might put a virus on my computer so I am worried about this program. I am a scrapbooker and really want to try this craft room but like I said I am worried about this whole virus thing. Should I be? HELP


Cricut Craft Room is quite safe and virus free. It's most likely that your anti-virus software is being over protective or that you have your security level set to high.

No virus risk here! :)

Lesley Symmonds

Narelle, its been over a week since my last post about problems cutting with build 132 but I do not see any response or comments. I am desperate to hear from someone, anyone, on this issue. Please respond even if only to tell me you are not having these problems with build 132.


Hi Lesley

Currently build 132 does allow me to cut (and I've seen others post that they can also cut). In the past there have been times when my Imagine has done as you've described. Restarting it and CCR have eventually fixed the problem for me. I'd suggest giving PC a call to see if there's any trouble shooting they can take you through.

Toll free 877-727-4288

Sorry I can't be of more help.


tami moss

I am also displeased with Provo Craft. I went back to the build 132 and it still won't print or cut. Customer service refused to fix or replace this unit. The girl from CS was very rude and talked down to me. I have invested thousands of dollars in Provo Craft products. Right now my Imagine is the world's paper weight. I wished I would have invested in another brand.


Firstly, Thank you for your wonderful site.

I have a cricut imagine and have now installed the Craftroom 132. When I try and use other cartridges besides the imagine cartridges, my imagine does not read other cartridges. I have tried to update my imagine and still no luck.

Please help. I'm desperate.

Cricut Craft Room Blog

When you say you tried to update the Imagine - did you download the latest version of Cricut Sync (V2.1.12) first? If so, what's actually happening when you try to update?


Yes. I downloaded the latest Cricut Sync. update. Then tried to use craft room and my Imagines does not read other cartridges except for the Imagines one. I did the troubleshooting which PC suggested I should do and press YES, YEs,YEs and when I did that. it says "don't turn off the device" but nothing happens and it just sits there. I tried disconnecting the USB and pluging it in again and not luck.

I live in South Africa and its very hard for me to phone the support.

Please Help

Thank you


This is the first time I have used my Cricut Imagine since May and I am very frustrated to learn of the problems cutting. I have spent the last 2 hours trying to find a solution then I came across your post, however reverting back to 132 has not solved the problem. I still cannot cut from the craft room. If anyone has a different solution I would really appreciate any help I can get, my experience with Cricut is not good so far.


Hallelujah the old version is actually cutting. I don't know what I did but just kept trying and now it is cutting. Thank you all so much for the posts. I can actually finish my project today.

Lesley Symmonds

Ladies, I hope this helps. I found the solution to be to reconfigure my Norton 360 settings. I found an article that listed all the virus programs and firewalls that are not compatible with the Imagine and Norton 360 was on the list. So I opened my NOrton console, chose Settings, Firewall, and then Program Rules. I scrolled down the list to find the followng entries - Cricut-Craft Room\CCRBridge.exe, CricutSync\CCRBridge.exe, Cricut-Craft Room\Cricut-Craft Room.exe, CricutSync\CricutSync.exe. For each entry make sure the rule is set to Allow. It might say Auto but I found that changing it to Allow made sure the firewall would always allow the connection from my PC to the CraftRoom servers to be opened. I hope that works for you.


Oh I am so happy I found this! I too have spent hours trying to make it work, only for it not cut. I am going to try your suggestions. I also have Norton 360.


I am having trouble having the printing and cutting match up when I print from the CCR to my Imagine. After it first happened, I went into my settings and tried to re-calibrate the machine to check if something was off. But that didn't work, when I reprinted it, it printed exactly the same. It is pointless to use the CCR for the imagine if I can't print the colors and patterns I want. Is there anything else I can try to do to change it? Is anyone else having the same problem?


I'm having much the same problem with my calibration on the Imagine when I use CCR. It seems fine when I use the cartridge directly with the Imagine though.

You could try doing an advanced calibration. I haven't tried it yet as my Imagine is currently sitting in the naughty corner! :)

You can download the instructions from here:

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